• THE Chronicles of Smartchain


    Rise of the lions

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  • Dive into a revolutionary web3 gaming experience where blockchain technology meets health and impact.


    Join Leo and Lysa, the enigmatic lion guardians, in an immersive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) as you emba on a quest to unlock the secrets of the SmartChain.


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    Choose Your Guardian: Leo or Lysa

    Select your lion guardian and lead them through epic battles with unique abilities and strengths. Your choices shape the destiny of the SmartChain Chronicles. Will you rise to the challenge?

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    eNGAGE IN A MOBA Gameplay

    Experience intense 5v5 battles with friends or players worldwide. Team up, strategize, and conquer objectives to achieve victory in a dynamic gaming environment inspired by the thrill of League of Legends.

  • Web3 Impact: Play for

    a Purpose

    Every action in the game contributes to real-world impact. Earn impact points by participating in battles, completing quests, and solving puzzles. Your in-game efforts make a tangible difference in supporting meaningful initiatives beyond the virtual realm.

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