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    A Layer 1 blockchain for Real World Assets (RWA) to support engaging services

  •  What is Go! SmartChain?

    Tokenization Transformed

    Go! SmartChain is redefining the landscape of digital assets through innovative tokenization strategies. Our platform leverages advanced AI to streamline the process of turning real-world assets into digital tokens, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced liquidity for assets of all kinds. This breakthrough approach opens up new avenues for asset management and investment, making the digital economy more accessible and efficient.

    Unmatched Scalability and Security

    With a unique blend of AI optimizations and zkEVM compatibility, Go! SmartChain sets a new benchmark in blockchain technology. Our use of ZK rollups guarantees transactions that are not only faster and cheaper but also uphold the highest standards of security. By addressing the traditional challenges of scalability and cost, Go! SmartChain empowers users to engage with the blockchain like never before.

    $GSMC: The Token at the Heart of Innovation

    The $GSMC token is the lifeblood of Go! SmartChain, facilitating transactions and interactions within our ecosystem. This token is a testament to our commitment to leveraging cutting-edge technology, such as AI and zkEVM, to enhance the blockchain experience. With $GSMC, users can access a range of services and applications on Go! SmartChain, driving forward the potential of decentralized finance.

    Decentralized Governance and Participation

    Go! SmartChain is committed to fostering a truly decentralized ecosystem where every participant has a voice. Our governance model allows token holders to propose, vote on, and influence the future development of the platform. This inclusive approach ensures that Go! SmartChain evolves in a direction that benefits the entire community, promoting innovation and transparency in every decision.

  • Our tech 

    Core Features

    • Token Mechanics: The Go! Token ($GoXP) enhances user engagement and asset tokenization on Go! SmartChain. This AI-powered token provides governance rights, allowing users to influence the platform’s direction while fostering a dynamic ecosystem.
    • Consensus Framework: AI-driven consensus ensures network security and high transaction throughput.
    • Decentralized Governance: Governance Contracts empower users to propose and vote on changes, making the platform truly user-centric.

    Innovation with AI and zkEVM

    • AI-Enhanced Zero-Knowledge Proofs: Integrates AI with zkEVM for improved privacy and scalability.
    • AI-Optimized Validation: Ensures fast and secure transactions, enhancing scalability.
    • AI-Driven Consensus: Boosts consensus accuracy and speed, ensuring a secure network.

    Economic Dynamics

    • AI-Driven ZK-EVM Circuits: Elevates scalability and privacy.
    • Dynamic Fees and Rewards: Balances the ecosystem with a thoughtful economic model that rewards participation.
    • Advantages: Sets a new standard in blockchain efficiency, privacy, and scalability, paving the way for widespread real-world asset tokenization.
  • Empowering the Future of SmartChain

    SmartChain Governance

  • Governance

    Unlock your voice in SmartChain's transformation. Governance Contracts are the key, enabling you to propose, vote, and shape the platform's future.

    Resource Management

    Efficiency at its finest. Resource Management Contracts optimize how SmartChain handles resources, ensuring a sustainable, streamlined operation.

  • For developers

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    Go! SmartChain

    To access our API, please our Postman documentation, where you will find detailed information about our API endpoints, requests, and responses.


    If you have any questions or issues regarding our API, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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