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    early-stage game companies

    Come build the future of web3 digital health engagement

  • Grant Program

    Our grant program is designed to provide funding and resources to promising projects and teams in the web3 health game & engagement ecosystem. We're looking for innovative ideas and talented individuals who are working to push the boundaries of what's possible on the decentralized web.


    General Guidelines

    Retention 40%+ on day 1 and 17%+ on day 7
    # Users 1K+ (for a 7-day campaign)
    Average playtime 3 minutes+
    The cost to acquire a user <$1
    The average revenue per user >$1


    Grant Distribution

    20%: 50 MAU & 1 unique health attribute
    20%: 100 MAU & 2 more health attributes
    60%: 1000 MAU & 2 more health attributes

    Sidekick: Individuals & small teams

    Amount: Up to $10,000 worth of $HLTHY
    Requirements: 2 approvals
    Benefits: Feedback during the application process and evaluation, introduction to related teams/projects

    Hero: Small teams/start-ups

    Amount: Up to $30,000 worth of $HLTHY
    Requirements: 3 approvals
    Benefits: All of the above + co-promotion, Grants Program badge, fast track to Go! Builders Program

    Superhero: Companies/foundations with a proven track record

    Amount: Unlimited $HLTHY
    Requirements: 5 approvals (for >$100k: Go! Foundation Council approval + Pitch call)
    Benefits: All of the above + VC introductions

  • Health Jam 2023

    This is an online game jam, so anyone, from anywhere, ages 18 or older, can enter the jam. (Those younger can take part, as long as a parent or guardian uploads the game).


    All the judges will rank/rate the game on a live ~30-minute YouTube/Twitch Live/Twitter Space relative to the quality of the game, engagement, and uniqueness of health data the game gains from a user. If you are interested in being a judge, let us know at [email protected]


    You can work alone or in teams. There is no limit on the number of people per team and people can be in multiple teams. Submissions open from February 16th at 8:01 PM pst to February 23rd at 7:59 PM pst. For more information & prizes, visit: https://gamejam.gohealthhero.com/

    The theme is AR/VR Health based games. Create AR/VR games powered by steps or physical activities to power the game action


    Our Venture Studio invests in the best early-stage game companies and works hard to take them to the next level.

    In addition to capital, we will deploy out of a $50M fund we seek to close by Q4'2023, we provide the access and insights founders need to build transformational, fun, and engaging companies.


    Go! Platform also counts with a Builders Program where, as a game creator, developer, or designer, you can get access and advice to launch your next health gaming venture.

  • Expert advice to launch your next venture!

    Receive advice from a team that has 30+ years of combined experience and knowledge about business, technology, management, operations, and more.

    Custom Capital

    It’s very important for founders to have a sustainable equity structure. We design your investments with that in mind. We make it work for you.

    Expert and relevant advice

    The skills that work best in a startup sometimes don’t translate to industry. We understand that gap and will help you cover it.

    Network and connections

    We help you build a powerful and differentiated network of the most powerful institutions in the gaming industry.

  • Program Schedule

    Our process is simple. Step-by-step guidance that makes the process fun and engaging.


    Submit your idea

    Fill out the application and answer all the required questions.


    Pre-selection (1-2 weeks)

    In this stage, teams that have been pre-selected will be contacted for a video call session where you'll get to pitch your idea to the Health Hero team and answer any questions we may have.


    Final selection (2-3 weeks)

    Teams that have passed the pre-selection stage are now awarded a place in the program

  • Program Structure

    • Kickoff Meeting to get to know each other and other founder
    • Partnership Event to meet the right teams at leading gaming organizations
    • Media Discussion to learn what it takes to work with prominent writers and reporters
    • Regulator Event to build relationships with relevant partners
    • Venture Studio session to connect with investors

    On-going support

    • Mentorship and regular check-ins
    • Targeted workshops that focus on specific topics (remote work, communications, etc)
    • Curated connections to partners
    • Office hours with our strategic partners and advisors
    • Cross-cohort communication
  • Explore some of the games built using our API

    Developers around the world have participated to build features for these health mini-games using our API.

    Health Race

    Health Race may sound like a familiar title, but it's not! Go!Karts is powered by you own activity data. Compete against yourself and other users to see who win the race!

    Health Quiz

    Health Quiz is a game related to social determinants of health. These are all areas around you that define your health. Answer questions and see how healthy you really are!

    Fit Rockets

    Fit Rockets is a game powered by steps. Your goal is to reach the moon by avoiding the obstacles on the way that slow you down!

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