• Objectives

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    Network Testing

    Validate the stability and performance of the smart chain AI.

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    Identify and address vulnerabilities.

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    Community Building

    Attract and engage developers, validators, and users.

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    Feature Validation

    Test new features and integrations before the mainnet launch.

  • Incentives Structure

    Competitive Rewards

    Compete to be among the top 10,000 contributors and earn $GSMC tokens based on your leaderboard ranking.

    Reputation and Recognition

    Gain reputation points, earn badges, and secure a spot on our leaderboard based on your contributions.

    Future Opportunities 

    High-performing participants may receive additional rewards and roles during the mainnet launch.


    Get the chance to receive grants starting at $10,000 USD to build amazing experiences in our blockchain.

  • Participant Roles

    Validators/Node Operators

    Validate transactions and maintain network health.


    Build, test, and optimize smart contracts and applications.

    Security Researchers

    Identify vulnerabilities and suggest improvements.


    Test the network by performing transactions, reporting bugs, and providing feedback.

    Liquidity Providers

    Supply computational resources and infrastructure to support the testnet.

    Bridge Testers

    Ensure the interoperability and functionality of cross-chain bridges.

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  • Testnet Phases

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    Set up & Config.

    • Node Setup
    • Network Configuration
    • Community Onboarding
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    Functional Testing

    • Transaction Testing
    • Smart Contract Deployment
    • Network Performance Monitoring
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    Feature Testing

    • New Feature Implementation
    • Integration Testing
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    Security & Stress Testing

    • Bug Bounties
    • Stress Testing
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    Community Testing

    • Usability Testing
    • Community Challenges
  • Leaderboard and Rewards Distribution

    Participants will be ranked based on: 

    1. Contribution: Quantity and quality of tasks completed (e.g., setting up nodes, executing transactions).
    2. Performance: Effectiveness and reliability of contributions (e.g., uptime of nodes, transaction success rate).
    3. Impact: Significance of contributions to the testnet (e.g., finding critical bugs, suggesting improvements).

    Rewards Distribution

    Top 1-10

    5,000 $GSMC tokens each

    Top 11-100

    2,000 $GSMC tokens each

    Top 101-500

    1,000 $GSMC tokens each

    Top 501-1,000

    500 $GSMC tokens each

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