• Go! SmartChain enables real world asset tokenization

    AI games supported by SmartChain, our Layer 1 AI-zkEVM blockchain. We do this by unlocking on-chain impact assets. Start having a fun experience with our AI dApp, which is all about fun, food, and fitness.

  • The AI-Optimized Layer 1 zkEVM Blockchain OS for personal & planetary health. 

    AI at the Heart of SmartChain

    Harness the potential of our AI mechanisms which dynamically optimize ZK rollups, ensuring efficient batch processing and data offloading. This paves the way for enhanced throughput and streamlined user experiences, making SmartChain a force to be reckoned with.

    Setting a Higher Benchmark in Blockchain

    While multiple Layer 1 platforms exist, SmartChain's distinct AI-enhanced optimizations offer unprecedented performance, scalability, and security. By leveraging zkEVM and ZK rollups, our blockchain ensures fast and cost-effective transactions, with minimized latencies.

    Unveiling the Power of $GSMC

    Dive into SmartChain, powered by our novel token $GSMC. Navigating the decentralized realm, we've combined cutting-edge AI with zkEVM technologies, setting the stage for unparalleled opportunities.

    A Paradigm of Trust, Security, and Efficiency

    We're committed to a future where transactions remain confidential and secure. Using Zero Knowledge Proofs and Confidential Transactions, SmartChain offers encrypted yet auditable trades. Couple this with the efficient mechanics of zkEVM, and you have a platform that stands tall in the industry.

    The Future is Decentralized and Dynamic

    With SmartChain, experience the next-gen of blockchain, designed to accommodate the increasing demands of the web3 ecosystem. And introducing the first Real World Impact Asset (RWIA) token, $HLTHY our pathway to democratizing healthcare, offering individuals cost-effective, if not free, health solutions.

    Pushing Boundaries Further

    Exploring the realms of quantum computing, immersive games/experiences, dePIN & IoT integrations, and the novel concept of Soul Bound Tokens. Stay tuned as we're just scratching the surface.

  • SmartChain Governance

    Empowering the Future of SmartChain

  • Governance

    Unlock your voice in SmartChain's transformation. Governance Contracts are the key, enabling you to propose, vote, and shape the platform's future.

    Resource Management

    Efficiency at its finest. Resource Management Contracts optimize how SmartChain handles resources, ensuring a sustainable, streamlined operation.

  •  Explore some of our dApps

    Developers around the world can build experiences via the Go! Platform 

    Go! Telegram

    Unlock a healthier lifestyle. Engage in telehealth, compete for crypto rewards, and enjoy free food/health benefits. Perfect for groups and channels looking to get healthier together!




    Go! Whatsapp

    WhatsApp chatbot offering telehealth, crypto rewards for healthy habits, competition, and free food/health benefits. Stay healthy, earn tokens, and win!






    Go! SMS

    Level up your lifestyle with Go! SMS. Discover the power of telehealth, compete for exciting rewards, and indulge in free food and health benefits. It's the ultimate solution for people seeking a healthier lifestyle!




    Go! Discord

    Elevate your health journey on Discord with our telehealth chatbot. Earn crypto rewards, compete, stay healthy, and unlock free food/health benefits! Perfect for Discord servers with admin integration. Level up your well-being today!



    Go! LINE

    Stay healthy, earn tokens, and win with the LINE chatbot! Get telehealth services, crypto rewards, compete, and enjoy free food/health benefits.






    Go! KakaoTalk

    Unlock a healthier lifestyle. Engage in telehealth, compete for crypto rewards, and enjoy free food/health benefits. Perfect for groups and channels looking to get healthier together!




    Go! WeChat

    Unlock a healthier lifestyle with Go! WeChat. Engage in telehealth, compete for crypto rewards, and enjoy free food/health benefits. Perfect for individuals seeking a healthier journey!





    Go! Google Chat

    Keep a healthier lifestyle and earn rewards for staying healthy. Free food and health benefits await you! Try it out today and start engaging in fun ways to keep healthy!






    Fit Rockets

    Fit Rockets is a game powered by steps. Your goal is to reach the moon by avoiding the obstacles on the way that slow you down!







    Health Quiz

    Health Quiz is a game related to social determinants of health. These are all areas around you that define your health. Answer questions and see how healthy you really are! 





    Health Battle

    Defend your castle in the ultimate battle! Health Battle harnesses the power of your health data to create an immersive gaming experience. Protect your fortress while improving your well-being. Get ready to conquer challenges and unleash the hero within you!


    Sports-Powered Health

    Embark on a revolutionary wellness journey where sports and health seamlessly intertwine, empowering you to reach new heights of well-being and performance.



  • Developer Documentation 

    To access our API, please our Postman documentation, where you will find detailed information about our API endpoints, requests, and responses.


    If you have any questions or issues regarding our API, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

  • Hackathons

    This is an online game jam, so anyone, from anywhere, ages 18 or older, can enter the jam. (Those younger can take part, as long as a parent or guardian uploads the game).


    All the judges will rank/rate the game on a live ~30-minute YouTube/Twitch Live/Twitter Space relative to the quality of the game, engagement, and uniqueness of health data the game gains from a user. If you are interested in being a judge, let us know at [email protected].


    You can work alone or in teams. There is no limit on the number of people per team and people can be in multiple teams.


    (Stay tuned for the next hackathon)

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