• Go! SmartChain AI OG Campaign

    Engage in the Go! SmartChain AI Quest and compete for a share of 300K $GoXP. Harness the power of AI to weave your unique gaming and engagement story with the $GoXP token!

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  • How to Participate

    Embark on the Go! SmartChain AI Quest. Perform social media activities, engage with virtual assets on our testnet, and shape your digital identity with $GoXP tokens!


    Step 1

    Join Go! SmartChain AI on Discord and become part of our innovative community at Guild.xyz.


    Step 2

    Complete five interactive quests on various Web3 platforms to earn distinct roles within our Discord community. For a detailed guide, click here.


    Step 3

    Achieve the "@go_og" role on Discord as recognition of your quest completion.


    Step 4

    Receive the "OG NFT," unlocking exclusive access to perks and rewards in the Go! ecosystem.

  • Rewards You Will Receive

    Amazing rewards just for you!

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    Share a 300,000 $GoXP Prize Pool 

    Participate in our quest to compete for a share of a significant 300,000 $GoXP prize pool. Dive into challenges and emerge as one of the victors in this engaging digital journey!

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    OG NFT - Go!Cats

    Upon completing the quest, you'll receive an exclusive Go! Bot NFT. This not only signifies your OG status but also aligns with our $GoXP airdrop eligibility, offering further engagement and reward opportunities within our ecosystem.

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    Bonus for In-Game Purchases

    The remaining prize pool will be distributed as bonuses for in-game purchases. Participants will receive vouchers worth 5–40 $GoXP, which can be used towards acquiring additional Go!Cats or other virtual assets at a discounted rate.

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    $GoXP Token Airdrop

    Looking forward, we are planning to launch more features for $GoXP token holders. First owners of Go!Cats will receive a significant advantage with a share of the $GoXP pool, ensuring that early adopters are rewarded as our digital platform grows.

  • Timeline

    Keep track of all the dates so you don't miss your chance to win!


    May 2, 2024: Quest Start

    The journey begins! Participants start the Go! SmartChain AI Quest, engaging with challenges to accumulate $GoXP and enhance their digital prowess. Join by clicking "Participate today!" or see the Discord channel "#entry-channel".


    May 8, 2024: First Check-in

    Participants review their progress and align their strategies to optimize their performance in upcoming challenges.


    May 10, 2024: 1st Rewards Distribution

    The first round of $GoXP rewards is distributed to the early leaders and active participants based on their engagement and achievements.


    May 16, 2024: Mid-Quest Review

    Mid-point review of the quest, providing feedback and additional guidance to participants to maximize their experience and gains.


    May 21, 2024: 2nd Rewards Distribution

    Second payout of $GoXP rewards, recognizing continued involvement and dedication to the quest activities.


    May 23, 2024: Quest Conclusion and Final Rewards Distribution

    The quest officially ends with a final tally of the points. The last and largest distribution of $GoXP rewards occurs, celebrating the top performers and significant contributors to the quest.

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