• Go! Programs

    We have a program for all needs and wants.

  • Influencer Program

    Become an influencer for The Go! Project, connect with your audience, and earn while you do it!


    What is it? Our Influencer Program is a dynamic initiative that enables individuals to earn rewards by promoting The Go! Project on social media.


    Benefits: Cash rewards for inviting new users, exciting rewards in the Influencer Hub, monetization opportunities for influencers.


    Join today! https://form.typeform.com/to/wm95a7Yt 


    Why Become a Go! Project Influencer?


    As a Go! Project Influencer, you're not just sharing content; you're promoting a healthier lifestyle while reaping rewarding benefits.


    • Cash Rewards for Invites: For every new user you invite, earn cash rewards. The more you share, the more you earn. 
    • Exciting Rewards in the Influencer Hub: Grow your invites and unlock a treasure trove of rewards in the Influencer Hub, located within The Go! Project app.
    • Monetization Opportunities: Turn your influence into income. The Go! Project offers opportunities for influencers to monetize their following.

    Connecting Globally: The Go! Project Influencer Feature


    In addition to earning rewards, our Influencer Program unlocks a unique feature within The Go! Project app, connecting users with influencers worldwide. This feature brings a global community of fitness enthusiasts, wellness experts, environmental advocates, and more together, fostering a holistic approach to well-being.


    How Does It Work?


    Gem Access: Users can access influencers using Gems, a digital currency within The Go! Project app. Gems are used to purchase keys that unlock communication and interaction with influencers.

    • Earning Gems: Gems can be earned by achieving milestones and completing challenges, earning badges that reflect your commitment to well-being.
    • Badge Boxes: Open Badge Boxes to discover Gems as rewards. The more badges you earn, the more opportunities you have to connect with your favorite influencers.

    Enhancing Your Well-Being Journey with Gems


    Badge Achievements: Earn Gems for achieving fitness milestones, completing wellness challenges, and actively participating in The Go! Project community.


    Unlocking Keys:


    Use Gems to unlock keys and gain exclusive access to influencers, allowing you to communicate, learn, and engage on a personal level.


    Global Influencer Network:


    Explore a diverse range of influencers, each contributing unique insights to fitness, wellness, and environmental consciousness.


    Getting Gems: The Options

    • Badge Boxes: Open Badge Boxes to reveal Gems as a reward for your dedication to well-being.
    • In-App Purchases: Users can buy Gems conveniently via Google and Apple Pay, making it seamless to enhance their well-being journey.
    • Crypto Transactions: For crypto enthusiasts, Gems can also be purchased using cryptocurrency within The Go! Game, providing a decentralized and secure option.

    Start Your Gem Journey


    Embark on a journey of well-being, connection, and personal growth with The Go! Project Influencer Feature. Use Gems to unlock the doors to a global network of influencers, empowering yourself to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. https://chat.goplatform.io 


    Creative Library:


    Explore our rich creative library for pre-made content suitable for Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, and videos. From visual assets to captivating captions, we've got you covered.


    How to Talk about The Go! Project:


    Influencers can shape how audiences perceive The Go! Project. Your honesty and authenticity play a crucial role in building trust. Our app, powered by blockchain technology, turns healthy decisions into a digital currency called $GoXP.


    Ready to be a Go! Project Influencer?


    If you're ready to embark on a journey of promoting wellness and earning rewards, fill out https://form.typeform.com/to/wm95a7Yt to join The Go! Project Influencer Program.

  • Validators Program (SmartChain)

    What is it?


    The Validator Program is the backbone of our blockchain. Validators ensure the integrity and security of our network.



    • Active participation in the consensus mechanism
    • Rewards for securing The Go! Project blockchain
    • Recognition in the blockchain community 

    The Go! Project is scouting for skilled validators for SmartChain. If you’re equipped to influence the future of blockchain and Web3, dive into the tech specifics, onboarding processes, and research documents here.

  • More Go! Programs

    Ambassador Program


    What is it? The Ambassador Program is the heartbeat of our community. It's a space where passionate individuals become advocates for health, spreading the message of well-being in their unique way.


    Benefits: Exclusive access to wellness resources, Recognition within The Go! Project community, Opportunities to participate in special events and programs.


    Builders/Grants Program


    What is it? Builders/Grants is a catalyst for innovation. We provide grants to developers and builders who are creating solutions that resonate with our mission.


    Benefits: Financial support for impactful projects, collaboration opportunities with The Go! Project, recognition and visibility in the health tech industry.


    Creator/Art/Design Program


    What is it? The Creator/Art/Design Program is where the community becomes the architects of our universe. Here, creators design loot, lore items, and more, contributing to the rich tapestry of The Go! Project.


    Benefits: Showcase your creativity to a global audience, collaborate with The Go! Project in shaping its aesthetic, recognition for your artistic contributions.