Unleashing the Future: Go! Labs seeks to launch $HLTHY on Mantle Network

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Go! Labs is set to redefine health and wellness solutions through blockchain technology with the launch of $HLTHY. As a utility token, $HLTHY will empower users with personalized wellness experiences, virtual primary care, mental health services, and more within the Go! Labs ecosystem. With a vast user reach of over 5 million individuals and a wallet value exceeding $50 million, $HLTHY is poised to make a lasting impact in the global impact sector.

The integration of $HLTHY with the Mantle Network provides an ideal combination of scalability, security, and efficiency. Mantle Network ensures lightning-fast transactions, supporting a throughput of over 500 TPS (transactions per second), and robust privacy features. This complements $HLTHY’s ambition to drive global impact initiatives and facilitate seamless, secure transactions for users worldwide.

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 “We are excited to see Go! Labs build on Mantle and power innovative use cases in Healthcare. As a chain built for mass adoption, we are keen to see real life use cases go live on Mantle Network and find new ways to serve the community,” Arjun Kalsy, head of ecosystem at Mantle said.

Together, Go! Labs and Mantle redefine industry standards, propelling blockchain technology for real-world solutions. Go! Labs has a vast user reach of over 5 million individuals and is embraced by more than 14K companies and communities. With over 6 billion health data points stored securely on the Mantle Network, the platform empowers users to make informed health decisions while fostering trust and collaboration within the ecosystem.

As a utility token, $HLTHY grants users access to personalized wellness experiences, virtual primary care, mental health services, and other vital well-being benefits within the Go! Labs ecosystem. Beyond health services, $HLTHY forges partnerships with insurance companies, marketing entities, supermarket chains, and more. Organizations integrating $HLTHY gain access to enriched data insights, driving personalized customer experiences and informed decision-making.

The launch of $HLTHY on the Mantle Network promises mutual benefits for both parties. As $HLTHY adoption expands, Mantle’s network activity and usage will surge, solidifying its position as a leader in blockchain technology. The influx of new users and businesses seeking $HLTHY’s utility enhances the vibrancy and robustness of the Mantle ecosystem, contributing to its continued success.

“As CEO of Go! Labs, I’m thrilled to witness the convergence of our mission with Mantle, a true partner in reshaping the blockchain landscape. Together, we’re pioneering SmartChain technology to drive positive global impact and elevate the potential of decentralized solutions.” — Anthony Diaz, CEO at Go! Labs

With the launch of $HLTHY on Mantle Network, Go! Labs ushers in a new era of health and wellness solutions. Empowering users with personalized experiences and fostering trust among stakeholders, $HLTHY represents the future of blockchain-driven impact. As we harness the transformative power of $HLTHY and Mantle, we forge a path toward a healthier, happier, and more interconnected world.

Mantle’s first core product is Mantle Network, an L2 technology stack for scaling Ethereum. Mantle Network strives to be compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine. Mantle Network’s modular architecture separates transaction execution, data availability, and transaction finality into modules — which can be individually upgraded and adopt the latest innovations. Mantle Network is the first L2 to partner with ETH restaking protocol EigenLayer for the data availability module. By adopting a rollup architecture, Mantle Network is secured by Ethereum. As the world’s first DAO-spawned L2, Mantle Network is pioneering a vision for the mass adoption of token-governed technologies.

Go! is a global initiative to improve personal and planetary health, ensuring the 1/2 of the world without a proper healthcare plan and/or reasonable quality of life, achieves one with little to no cost. With our SmartChain, we seek to enhance blockchain technology by seamlessly integrating transparency, security, and scalability. With a focus on planetary health and global impact, SmartChain is at the forefront of shaping a greener and more sustainable future. For questions, email us at [email protected].