Introducing The Go! Project: Shaping the Future of Wellness and Universal Basic Services

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We are thrilled to introduce The Go! Project and its pivotal role in shaping the future of wellness and Universal Basic Services (UBS). Our mission is to revolutionize well-being and deliver universal basic services to the 4B+ people worldwide currently without access to these crucial provisions and proper healthcare plans.

A Dual Approach: Health Hero and Go!

Our approach comprises two primary facets, Health Hero (our enterprise arm) and Go! (our consumer side), connected by SmartChain, our Layer 1 zkEVM Blockchain OS set to launch on the mainnet in 30 weeks. Health Hero caters to companies, offering AI-driven employee wellness solutions, while Go! is designed for individuals, offering an exciting AI-driven health game journey with impact-focused AI game guides, Leo and Lysa. Our unifying goal is to make essential services like healthcare, wellness, and education accessible to all, potentially impacting billions of lives.

The Go! Game: Enhanced Gameplay

The Go! app offers a straightforward path to wellness and rewards. Here's how it works:

  • Create your account:
  • Connect your wallet to unlock earnings and access the Bronze Guild.
  • Connect your preferred step tracker or health app to fast-track your journey to the Bronze Guild.
  • Choose your character: Leo or Lysa.
  • Start completing quests and earning badges.
  • Utilize your $GoXP, Badges, Loot, and Gems to enhance your profile and compete at higher levels, unlocking universal health benefits like a 50% reimbursement for healthy food purchases, telehealth, mental health, health coaching, nutrition classes, and more.

Community Rewards Await

To enrich our community experience, we're committed to providing more. When our community reaches specific milestones, we'll distribute bonus $GoXP. For instance, when we reach 350K community members, everyone on level 3 or above will earn 2x (double) $Go!XP, enhancing the excitement of your wellness adventure.

Earning Badges and Unlocking Well-being

Badges are a testament to your dedication to wellness. Think of them as "Loot Boxes" filled with gems and loot. Completing quests demonstrates your commitment and earns you badges that reflect your achievements. We offer over 14K badges available via different quests. Examples of badges include "Friendly" (first referral), "Stepper" (first 500 steps), and "GenAI" (first interaction with AI). Badge holders can also participate in special challenges and competitions.

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Go! Loot & Gems

Go! Loot items are in-game assets that unlock loyalty guilds (bronze, silver, gold) and their accompanying benefits. With an initial supply of 100K loot items, you can find them attached to achievement badges. Some badges may have loot, and a single badge can contain up to 3 pieces. Additionally, you can purchase loot with ETH, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and gems. These loot items can be used to access the Silver or Gold guilds, amplifying your earnings and benefits.

Gems, in-game treasures, are essential to your journey. They can be found attached to achievement badges and purchased with ETH, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and gems. The more gems you have, the more versatile your in-game experience becomes, including the ability to purchase loot.

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Guilds: Your Path to Wellness

Our loyalty guilds represent a commitment to well-being and a better world. By unlocking these guilds, you empower yourself and others. Here's a brief overview:

  • Bronze Guild: Entry through various options like staking, subscriptions, and device integration. Benefits include digital collectibles and a 25% reimbursement for healthy purchases.
  • Silver Guild: Achievable through staking, subscriptions, or in-game progress. It offers digital collectibles, a 25% reimbursement, telehealth, mental health support, and more.
  • Gold Guild: Represents the pinnacle of wellness commitment. Attainable through substantial staking, premium subscriptions, or reaching a specific in-game level. Benefits include digital collectibles, a 50% reimbursement, telehealth, mental health support, life insurance, and more.
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Explore the World of Go!Bots

Go!Bots are a unique collection of 8,888 NFTs within the Go! ecosystem, your ticket to the exclusive Go! club. Owning a Go!Bot allows you to withdraw $HLTHY, boost your earnings, and own a valuable digital collectible. The collection's milestones further reward Go!Bot owners with 3x, 4x, and 5x $GoXP for six months.

The Exciting Road Ahead

Our roadmap is filled with exciting developments:

Q4 2023: Expansion of our community, SmartChain on Testnet, engagement with game developers, and more.

Q1 2024: Mainnet $GSMC launch, user and developer engagement, wallet rollout, and more.

Q2 2024: Protocol enhancements, further ecosystem grants, focus on refining blockchain achievements, and more.

Q3 2024: Layer 2 and protocol launches, additional strategic partnerships, and community development programs.

Join the Wellness Revolution

Start your Go! journey today at and connect your wallet and preferred health apps to unlock the Bronze Guild. Share the wellness journey with your friends through our "Refer a Friend" program and earn rewards while spreading well-being.

We're excited to have you on this transformative journey towards wellness and universal basic services. Join our thriving community and make personal and planetary health a collective adventure!