• SmartChain

    A Layer 1 for Globlal Impact

  • What is SmartChain?

    AI at its core

    Harness the potential of our AI mechanisms which dynamically optimize ZK rollups, ensuring efficient batch processing and data offloading. This paves the way for enhanced throughput and streamlined user experiences, making SmartChain a force to be reckoned with.

    Higher Benchmark in Blockchain

    While multiple Layer 1 platforms exist, SmartChain's distinct AI-enhanced optimizations offer unprecedented performance, scalability, and security. By leveraging zkEVM and ZK rollups, our blockchain ensures fast and cost-effective transactions, with minimized latencies.

    Unveiling the Power of $GSMC

    Dive into SmartChain, powered by our novel token $GSMC. Navigating the decentralized realm, we've combined cutting-edge AI with zkEVM technologies, setting the stage for unparalleled opportunities.

    The Future is Decentralized and Dynamic

    With SmartChain, experience the next-gen of blockchain, designed to accommodate the increasing demands of the web3 ecosystem. And introducing the first Real World Impact Asset (RWIA) token, $HLTHY our pathway to democratizing healthcare, offering individuals cost-effective, if not free, health solutions.


    Unlock your voice in SmartChain's transformation. Governance Contracts are the key, enabling you to propose, vote, and shape the platform's future.

    Resource Management

    Efficiency at its finest. Resource Management Contracts optimize how SmartChain handles resources, ensuring a sustainable, streamlined operation.

  • Our tech

    Core Contracts: Powering SmartChain Ecosystem

    • Token Contracts: Govern creation, transfer, and management of $HLTHY and $GSMC tokens, incentivizing positive behaviors and enabling user participation in platform governance.
    • Consensus Contracts: Control validator nodes and consensus protocol, ensuring the integrity and security of the SmartChain network.
    • Governance Contracts: Facilitate decentralized decision-making, allowing users to propose and vote on platform changes.

    Proposing Blocks with zkEVM on SmartChain

    • Generating Zero-Knowledge Proofs: In zkEVM, block proposers construct blocks and generate cryptographic proofs, enhancing security and privacy.
    • Validating Transactions: Validators validate transactions and associated proofs, ensuring adherence to consensus rules and cryptographic standards.
    • Consensus Mechanism: zkEVM employs a unique consensus mechanism, influencing block proposals through cryptographic techniques.

    ZK-EVM Circuits and Economic Mechanisms

    • ZK-EVM Circuits: Key to privacy and scalability, enabling efficient generation and verification of Zero-Knowledge Proofs.
    • Fees and Rewards: Economic model balancing transaction fees, block proposer rewards, token burning, and minting to ensure network security and incentivize participation.
    • Implications and Advantages: zkEVM introduces enhanced scalability, improved privacy, reduced latency, and energy efficiency to the SmartChain network.
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